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Voa - Science

COVID-19 Lockdowns Cleared the Smoggy Air, But Not as Much as Expected

COVID-19 lockdowns brought bluer skies to some of the world's smoggy cities.  But not everyone's air got cleaner. And even with the improvements, air in some cities remained unhealthy.  After initial reports of dramatic drops in air pollution, scientists looking more deeply at the data are finding the improvements were smaller than they expected. Not all pollutants declined. And the benefits varied widely from place to place.  Their findings have implications for efforts to make the world's air healthier.

The Nation - Pakistan

Liquor smuggler gunned down by rangers

KASUR   -   Rangers gunned down a smuggler of liquor, in the limits of Sadr police Kasur.  Police said on Sunday that an unidentified youth was

Bbc - World

Are influencers ruining nature?

Fed up with eco-oblivious influencers, some people have started naming and shaming.