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CNN - Australia

Biden poised to nominate Caroline Kennedy as US ambassador to Australia

President Joe Biden is poised to nominate Caroline Kennedy to serve as ambassador to Australia, three people familiar with the search process told CNN, in one of the highest-profile envoy selections yet by the White House.

CNN - Australia

Opinion: How Biden's foreign policy approach builds on Trump's

The previous administration made many missteps when it came to fostering the US' relationships with its allies, but the resurrection of the "Quad"—a loose alliance between Australia, India, Japan and the United States—was not one of them, writes Lisa Curtis.

CNN - Australia

Australian ad showing Covid patient gasping for air sparks backlash

A dramatic government health advertisement showing a young woman gasping for air while on a ventilator has sparked a backlash in Australia, with social media users criticizing its targeting of young people for coronavirus vaccination -- the majority of whom are not yet eligible to receive the recommended shot.